Issues with Wordpress Directory

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that I came across a couple of issues with WordPress Directory plugin.

I run a multi-network setup and was hoping to install this on the main site of one of my networks but had trouble getting it to work.

Once I activated the plugin I couldn't import any of the default settings which wasn;t too much of an issue as I managed to figure it all out off my own back. However, whenever I deactivated the plugin all my settings would disappear which meant that I would have to start from scratch. Recreated the site from scratch to see if this was the issue but the same thing kept on happening.

I even tried activating and testing the plugin on the core site just to make sure that it wasn't the multi-network part that was causing the issues.

After activating the plugin I noticed that the default page type would be present but any modifications I would make to this or any other of the settings would be lost the moment I reactivated the plugin.

I scratched my head for a few hours and couldn't get to the bottom of why this was happening as I have no issues with any of the other WPMUDev plugins I use on my site.

I ended up having a look through your forums and found that there were some additional issues with this plugin working on sub-blogs and multi-sites and thus concluded that the problem is probably related due to the fact that I use the multi-network feature as well.

It's a shame really as I was looking forward to using this as it has potential as being a good alternative.

I hope this info will be useful in the future for both subscribers and WPMUDev developers when they come to release the next version of this plugin.

  • Ivan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi stormin,

    Open 'core/core.php' and search for the function plugin_deactivate(). Please report the boolean value in the first if block. If it is set to true, the plugin will purge all plugin data on deactivation if set to false the plugin data will be preserved across deactivations.

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