Issues with Wordpress Directory

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that I came across a couple of issues with WordPress Directory plugin.

I run a multi-network setup and was hoping to install this on the main site of one of my networks but had trouble getting it to work.

Once I activated the plugin I couldn't import any of the default settings which wasn;t too much of an issue as I managed to figure it all out off my own back. However, whenever I deactivated the plugin all my settings would disappear which meant that I would have to start from scratch. Recreated the site from scratch to see if this was the issue but the same thing kept on happening.

I even tried activating and testing the plugin on the core site just to make sure that it wasn't the multi-network part that was causing the issues.

After activating the plugin I noticed that the default page type would be present but any modifications I would make to this or any other of the settings would be lost the moment I reactivated the plugin.

I scratched my head for a few hours and couldn't get to the bottom of why this was happening as I have no issues with any of the other WPMUDev plugins I use on my site.

I ended up having a look through your forums and found that there were some additional issues with this plugin working on sub-blogs and multi-sites and thus concluded that the problem is probably related due to the fact that I use the multi-network feature as well.

It's a shame really as I was looking forward to using this as it has potential as being a good alternative.

I hope this info will be useful in the future for both subscribers and WPMUDev developers when they come to release the next version of this plugin.