issues with wp media library after activating Smush Pro


I have recently activated Smush Pro on my site

I am not sure what went wrong but I have accessed my Media Library today and most links to images seem to be broken.

Now, I did a couple of things in order to make the plugin work on the site:

- In the WP admin under 'Media settings' I have set all image sizes to '0'
- I unchecked 'Organise my uploads by month' because

I tried this because I was unable to run the plugin so I thought those settings might conflict with Smush pro, which it seemed to have worked but today I realise something went wrong along the process.

This are the issues I am having:

1. Most of the images which are in the media library appear to be gone in the process.

2. Other images come up in the media library with no preview. Sometimes, I am able to see the image by clicking on it, other times they show up as broken links.

I suspect I did a mess when I set the media settings to 0. However, it made the SmushPro plugin work :slight_frown:

Are you able to advice please? Any idea how this might have happened and I could rectify the issue?

Many Thanks,
Kind Regards,