Issues with WPMUDEV and Contact Form 7

Hi all!

I am finally resubscribed and back online (WOOHOO). Absolutely love WPMUDEV from the community and the support all the way to the actual products, Upfront and all of the Plugins.

However I have come across yet another issue (dun dun duuuun). For some reason my Contact Form (Using Contact Form 7) is having issues on my site. I am using the latest versions of Upfront and Scribe.

When one makes a mistake on the form, the validation error pop-up will be shown (just a little bit of text above the submit button. However if one enters in the correctly validated information the pop-up does not appear (therefore no validation coming through) which in turn does not trigger the code I have in place for it to move to my "Thank You" page to trigger the Google Analytics tracking code.

I do understand that this may seem to be more of a Contact Form 7 issue in comparison to a WPMUDEV issue. However after my scouring of the net and WP forums, it seems that there is some sort of JScript conflict going on which blocks the validation.

Please help ;_;