It appears our Bulk Smush process is stuck at 1072 of 1139

It appears our Bulk Smush process is stuck at 1072 of 1139 total attachments. The dashboard also says 67 image attachments in your media library have not been smushed yet.

If the plug-in is set to NOT smush original image, will the 67 images remain unsmushed? or is this a time out issue?

I’ve added the Adjusting the timeout code to our funcitons.php file adn it is still showing no progress.


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey @DirectNET,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    I have tried accessing your site to check what is going on but keep getting invalid access token, this is usually resolved by simply revoking access and then granting it again.

    Could you please do that and let us know when we can try again?

    Thank you,


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @DirectNET,

    After digging into this further, it turns out that the thumbnails for some of your images needed regenerating, I was able to take care of that for you with this plugin:

    I should note though, there was an image that seems to have only had thumbnails before, the original version wasn’t present on the server anymore. As such, the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin wasn’t able to process it, and it now exists as an empty entry. The file in question would be “IMG_0844” (without quotes), with the filename being:


    If you have a replacement copy of that image, you can use a plugin like this to handle the replacing of that file:

    Or, you can simply delete the entry in the Media Library, if you wish. :slight_smile:

    The Bulk Smush process was able to finish this time around, with the reason why it’s saying “1144 of 1145 total attachments have been smushed” being likely due to that one image I just mentioned.

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


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