It looks like wp is creating duplicate files names in a wpcontent cache directory

I am seeing the following file in pagespeed that is taking the longest to load for my website.
when I ftp to my site and go to the wp-content/cache/minify/000000/121bd/ directory, I do not see the specific file listed in page speed, instead I see two files named index.include.xxxx.css and index.include.xxxx.css. and two default.include-body.cc7929.js and default.include-body.cc7929.js. with the only difference is a "." is at the end of file.

I am not sure how the file being listed by page speed is being created.
It also shows that it is not able to be cached. I copied the files to my home pc and deleted them from my server. but they are recreated. So I am not sure if w3 total cache is creating them or the theme or wp.

I would like to see how to cache these files to help optimize my site.