It seems Multiple Memberships plugin needs some logic work

Hello, I have been working a lot with protected content and have run into a couple problems. It seems to me that the logic for having users in multiple membership groups isn't totally solid. Either that or it doesn't work they way I'd expect it to. I find this in two areas: with the protection shortcodes and with URL protection.

I have granted you access to my test site so that you can take a look if needed.

I am using short codes to protect content on the TIMELY page.
There is content visible to the Role_KOF ms and content not visible to them (access="no"). If a user is part of Role_KOF and Role_Has_Account (Used to give visibility to logged in users) then the content on TIMELY shows correctly. If I add the user to the group Role_Broadcast as well then the TIMELY page displays content as if they aren't in the Role_KOF group. This is what I suspect to be an error is the plugin's logic.

The second place that I get a similar error is on the Events Calendar Pro Plugin calendar page.
I have protected this page using URL protection. If the user is only in the Role_Broadcast mc (The mc set to have access to the url) then the calendar page shows up correctly. When I add the user to another groups such as Role_KOF then I get directed to the protected content page when trying to access the broadcast page.

On another note it would be nice if the Test Memberships Simulation supported multiple memberships.

I am hoping you can help me with my problem or report this to the developers to get fixed. You have been very helpful in the past, so thank you. I look forward to hearing back from you.