It takes ages to get PROMI template loaded…

Hello Support Team,

something must be wrong, but what? Please help to fix that this plugin don’t need ages to load.

Also, we created Newsletter #17… according to manual at least the email subject should appear but it doesn’t.

We sent out this first NL(currently one member as subscriber only) but it did not go through. We tested our settings (outgoing server and also bounce settings) but test mail say’s configuration is successfully.

We are going to use PROMI template only. As we understand this theme is already uploaded right? If not, where to get this template to upload it in theme folder?

Support access is granted.

If you need direct server access please let us know.

Kind regards


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @prinz, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    On the load time for the template, I do notice that it takes longer to load in Firefox than it does in Chrome on your site, but I wasn’t able to reproduce this behavior over on my own test site (nor was I able to reproduce the script errors on my test site).

    May I ask if a conflict test has already been done here? We’ve got our handy troubleshooting flowchart down at the bottom of our Getting Support page:

    On the email subject for newsletter #17, I’m not seeing that one was set in the first place, I do see that there was a Email Title set though (BotBO Announcement). Did you go into the “Settings” section when creating the newsletter, and entering an email subject?

    I ask because when I do this on my own test site, as well as yours, I’m seeing that the email subject is showing up (my test newsletter on your site would be #20).

    On the email that you had sent out, this might be a silly question (I like to get those questions out of the way), but did it show up in the spam box by any chance?

    And on the template being available on your site, no need to re-upload it, it’s already available on your site. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Michael,

    thanks for looking at this issue. Regards your advice…

    we figured out, that probably Ultimate Branding cause trouble and eventually Google Analytics +.

    Actually we de-installed Ultimate Branding by renaming via File Manager direct on sever as it was anyhow impossible just to deactivate it at network level.

    Now, after renaming Ultimate Branding again and trying to re-activate it we experience several issues which are

    – Ultimate Branding can’t be setup properly AND is interferring eNewsletter as described above.

    – Google Analytics+ –> Data is not available yet but we are unable to figure out if/how does this plugin interferring eNewsletter.

    If both plugin are deactivated (and regards Ultimate Branding entirely deinstalled) we do not have trouble with eNewsletter.

    Unfortunately we have to have all three plugins activated at Multisite Level.

    Please be so kind help to sort those bugs fixed.



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