It would help affiliates out a lot if they could...

It would help affiliates out a lot if they could see detailed reporting down to the time, traffic source/referrer data.

Conversions & EPC Data would be pretty cool as well.

@Barry I know it's a lot of work but if there was more detail in the reporting it would make life for site owners and affiliates much easier. At least down to the hour would give a whole lot of insight of whats working for affiliates.

Other features with Affiliates and or Memberships plugins
~ two tier payouts?

~ Membership & Affiliate Plugins the option to restrict affiliate commission only to users subscribed to the plan also optionally separate commission rates depending on subscription as well.
Just like a reseller program or licensing the rights to sell a product at a higher commission. It's a proven business model that works really well.

Last thing and I swear I'm done lol
Affiliate add-on for appointments?

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Thank you WPMUDEV!