Items not clickable on first 4 rows ? (on mobile devices)


Having an issue with two pages. (Only on Mobile Devices - Tested on Iphone 5 & Samsung Note 4)

The issue with the items on those pages, the first is the home page

When the screen is at its lowest size or when viewed on mobile devices 3 images appear, the first of which is "SpinAddikts Classes" screen shot here -

when pressing on mobile device that image is supposed to take user to this page, - however it does not? - when tested on a computer it does work?

The second issue is with this page -

Also issue on mobile devices only, when trying to click on the first 4 rows nothing happens, while what is supposed to happen (as you can see when clicking any item below that 4 rows) is the name should appear on the first press and clicking it again will take user to that specific members profile page.

I tested it on a mobile emulator which does not show this issue.
But is still an issue on actual mobile phones.

The site was working ok before 6th April not sure why this bug appeared?

I would really appreciate some help with this