iThemes Security Pro (2FAC AUTH) Minification Bug


I would like to report a bug in Hummingbird. I am using iThemes Security Pro, with 2 Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) activated. When minifying, even when I uncheck every single option to include, minify, and combine. There is a problem where the 2 Factor Login Form is being minified, or the style sheet is being stripped away, or something. Because each time I completely clear all settings.. .Again, Include, Minify, and Include... The form appears distorted. When I turn off Hummingbird Minification, the problem goes away.

What I would like, is for someone to please login to my wp-admin (access has been granted), and test this. You can enable and disable plugins as needed, as the site I am granting you permission to access is on a development server, and will not affect my production site.

I wish for you to test, and resolve the problem on the Development Server. Then tell me how to resolve the problem on my production server.

You can use a dummy account to sample the 2 Factor Authentication Page via my wp-admin login page.

Please use username: dummytestwc (and) password: d%vzLxzW@f4Ns1q!^q59NOgF

These credentials can be used to sample the 2Factor Authentication page with the stripped CSS.

Please let me know what you find. Thank You