I would like to report a bug in Hummingbird. I am using iThemes Security Pro, with 2 Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) activated. When minifying, even when I uncheck every single option to include, minify, and combine. There is a problem where the 2 Factor Login Form is being minified, or the style sheet is being stripped away, or something. Because each time I completely clear all settings.. .Again, Include, Minify, and Include... The form appears distorted. When I turn off Hummingbird Minification, the problem goes away.

What I would like, is for someone to please login to my wp-admin (access has been granted), and test this. Please be careful, as I am granting you access to my production server, and you cannot disable plugins. With the exception to Hummingbird. Just please fully test before and after making changes, as ALL DIVI files cannot be minified, otherwise they break the website.

As of right now, when I turn on Hummingbird, then uncheck "include, minify, and include" my website looks entirely broken. Which doesn't make sense, because everything is unchecked. Seems there is a deeper problem. Can you please investigate?

You can use a dummy account to sample the 2 Factor Authentication Page via my wp-admin login page.

Please use username: ********** (and) password: **********

These credentials can be used to sample the 2Factor Authentication page with the stripped CSS.

Please let me know what you find. Thank You

Moderator Note: Credentials removed for security purpose.