I would like to report a bug in Hummingbird. I am using iThemes Security Pro, with 2 Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) activated. When minifying, even when I uncheck every single option to include, minify, and combine. There is a problem where the 2 Factor Login Form is being minified, or the style sheet is being stripped away, or something. Because each time I completely clear all settings.. .Again, Include, Minify, and Include... The form appears distorted. When I turn off Hummingbird Minification, the problem goes away.

What I would like, is for someone to please login to my wp-admin (access has been granted), and test this. Please be careful, as I am granting you access to my production server, and you cannot disable plugins. With the exception to Hummingbird. Just please fully test before and after making changes, as ALL DIVI files cannot be minified, otherwise they break the website.

As of right now, when I turn on Hummingbird, then uncheck "include, minify, and include" my website looks entirely broken. Which doesn't make sense, because everything is unchecked. Seems there is a deeper problem. Can you please investigate?

You can use a dummy account to sample the 2 Factor Authentication Page via my wp-admin login page.

Please use username: ********** (and) password: **********

These credentials can be used to sample the 2Factor Authentication page with the stripped CSS.

Please let me know what you find. Thank You

Moderator Note: Credentials removed for security purpose.

  • Rupok

    Hi Nick, thanks for reporting.

    First of all, *never* post your username and password in your ticket description because our threads are public. Anyone can see those and can do harm to your site. I've removed those already from the description but please be careful from next time, it's for your security.

    Now regarding the issue, as you clearly said "I am granting you access to my production server", testing with minification settings can take your site to unusable state temporarily and it's not a very wise idea to play with these things in a production server. Is it possible in anyway for you to create a clone of this whole site? You can use Duplicator plugin for cloning your site. Then please enable Support Access for that site so we can have a closer look at this? To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    There we will test in details and investigate the issue. And as soon as we find a fix or workaround, you can deploy that to your main site. What do you suggest?

    I'm looking forward to hear from you and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Nick

    Hi Rupok. Right now it's late and most of my customers are sleeping. So it would be okay to go ahead and try the minification. I do have a clone of my server, but oddly. The issue does not occur on the cloned server. Which is why I would like you to have a look at the production server.

    Right now, I have hummingbird switched off. When I turn it on, everything goes whacky with the website. So just be prepared for that when you try it.

    Thanks for removing the credentials. I posted them only because it wouldn't be possible for a user to access the site without the 2 factor key to go along with the username and password.

  • Nick

    I have some additional news to report back. I have been able to successfully configure Hummingbird. It is no longer breaking my site. I realize now that my critical mistake was not selecting the "include" radio button next to all of the files. I have now done that, and the site is responding well.

    However, I would like to report what seems to be a bug between Hummingbird and Ultimate Branding. When Hummingbird is enabled, my custom login logo is not displayed, and the style sheet seems to be stripped from the iThemes Security Authentication Window, which is the area where you'd put in your 2 Factor Auth Code. The Auth Window only comes up when you have properly put in login credentials, and have enabled 2fac on that user account. You may not be able to access this, unless you create a new user and go into the user profile and setup 2fac. I can do this for you if need be.

    This last part is what I need assistance on. My admin panel can be accessed by going to


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Nick,

    That's weird - issue with logo should be fixed in Hummingbird 1.2 as it was reported before. Can you see if using this solution will help with that? It is possible that also second issue will be fixed. Let me know how it goes.

    kind regards,

  • Nick

    I added the code to my functions.php file, yet the problem still prevails. The issue seems to be with WP Smush Pro, as I deactivated that specific plugin, with all other plugins running, and my own login logo appeared. However, when turning Smush Pro back on, my logo is replaced with the WP logo.

    I can also confirm, the second issue with the iThemes 2 Factor Authentication is still occurring. This issue, however, does not seem to be related to WP Smush Pro. Seems to be directly related to the minification. I see that you made an account on the site. Can you please confirm that you see the issue with the minification?

    So both problems are still there.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Nick,

    I see that you made an account on the site. Can you please confirm that you see the issue with the minification?

    Yes, I was able to replicate this on on your site and I think I know why this is not working.
    I did more tests on my site.
    1) Ultimate Branding and Smush Pro - image on login page didn't disappear.
    2) I added Hummingbird with minification - still image works fine. So issue with UB and Hummingbird was fixed.
    Then I realized that you have custom login page. And that fix will not work on custom login page.

    And then I was able to replicate - I installed iThemes and setup custom login page and it was it. Minification was working on that page - and the also disabling Smush revealed image (but then with disabled Humming bird and activated Smush, image was still there, but again turning minification hide it). It looks like at first Smush is culprit but after disabling it few times with Hummingbird on and off it points to Hummingbird.

    I've send message to our developers about that issue - hopefully it will be possible to turn off minification on custom login pages - I believe this will also fix 2factor authorization. I will update your thread as soon as I will get feedback.

    kind regards,

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Nick,

    I spoke with developer and there is no workaround for that we could provide now. With great regret I can only suggest disabling minification for the moment on your site. Developer informed me that they are working on new minification engine that should work better, but for now there is no solution to that certain problem.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    kind regards,