It's here! The MarketPress 3.0 beta.

Something you've all been waiting for, is here, the MarketPress 3.0 beta.

**Update** See the new thread here for the latest beta:

What's new:
- New: Short codes can now be inserted via a popup wizard that is available from within the TinyMCE editor
- New: Product variations have been rebuilt from the ground up, now allows multiple attributes per product!
- New: Setup wizard
- New: Regular/Sale price can now be bulk/quick edited
- New: Set store capabilities for all of your user roles
- New: Add-on system
- New: PDF-invoice add-on
- Coupons are now an add-on and can be disabled if not being used
- Admin interface has been rebuilt from the ground up
- Added new default store style
- Added payment gateways (Mijireh & Mollie (Mollie includes iDEAL support).
- Added Bahrain Dinars to the list of available currencies.
- Added links to settings/network settings on plugins page.
- Settings metaboxes now use ajax instead of page refresh where applicable.
- Added screen options tab on orders screen - users can now specify how many orders per page they want.
- Added on-demand (jQuery) data validation on most settings screens.

Add your feedback and any issues in this thread. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the new beta! :slight_smile: (You shouldn't use beta's on live sites, in case anything breaks, I'd recommend using it on a staging site or a localhost site).