It's here! The MarketPress 3.0 beta.

Something you've all been waiting for, is here, the MarketPress 3.0 beta.

**Update** See the new thread here for the latest beta:

What's new:
- New: Short codes can now be inserted via a popup wizard that is available from within the TinyMCE editor
- New: Product variations have been rebuilt from the ground up, now allows multiple attributes per product!
- New: Setup wizard
- New: Regular/Sale price can now be bulk/quick edited
- New: Set store capabilities for all of your user roles
- New: Add-on system
- New: PDF-invoice add-on
- Coupons are now an add-on and can be disabled if not being used
- Admin interface has been rebuilt from the ground up
- Added new default store style
- Added payment gateways (Mijireh & Mollie (Mollie includes iDEAL support).
- Added Bahrain Dinars to the list of available currencies.
- Added links to settings/network settings on plugins page.
- Settings metaboxes now use ajax instead of page refresh where applicable.
- Added screen options tab on orders screen - users can now specify how many orders per page they want.
- Added on-demand (jQuery) data validation on most settings screens.

Add your feedback and any issues in this thread. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the new beta! :slight_smile: (You shouldn't use beta's on live sites, in case anything breaks, I'd recommend using it on a staging site or a localhost site).

  • Anton
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @Jack Kitterhing -

    Looks good, and can't wait until the official release!
    So I heard that there may be a chance of front-end adding of products in the future? If so, do you know long that will take? The other front-end solutions for MP don't seem to be supported anymore, and it's really important for me (and I'm sure many others) to have front-end support for this!
    I want to have a network of sites that's completely front-end, if possible. So any kind of rough ETA would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  • Ajay
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I am working on another interface for WP,
    this would change the experience of using wordpress
    and alongside save lots of time, speed-up, security ,
    reduced plugins requirement , less bloat .

    Actually this plan came, when i got frustrated with using Wordpress,
    when i wanted to use as more custom application, as a more of dev approach.

    ***Content Edited out by Michelle***

  • RavanH
    • The Crimson Coder

    Update MarketPress Data > Product Metadata gave me a "{success:false}" first time. Went back and tried again with success... No other problems encountered so far ?

    Exited and hopeful about the stable release soon but there's one disappointment: I hoped to see Downloads as a product variation instead of having to create two Products for one recording: one physical product for CD and Vinyl and one download product for a zipped MP3 version... Any chance of this happening one day?

    • RavanH
      • The Crimson Coder

      Update: found a small bug with product variations on the All Products page. Click the Choose Options button and select a product variation, then change your mind and try to choose another variarion... The drop down now only has one select option instead of showing all variations.

      • Tyler Postle
        • CGO

        Hey Ravan,

        Thanks for helping test out MP3.0 :slight_smile:

        Update MarketPress Data > Product Metadata gave me a "{success:false}" first time. Went back and tried again with success... No other problems encountered so far ?

        I'll admit this is my first time really testing out the plugin myself as I'm not on the QA team; but I don't see the MarketPress Data > Product Metadata setting anywhere? Or are you referring to an option during the product creation process?

        Update: found a small bug with product variations on the All Products page. Click the Choose Options button and select a product variation, then change your mind and try to choose another variarion... The drop down now only has one select option instead of showing all variations.

        I see this as well, thanks :slight_smile: reporting it to the developer. Sending some points your way for the find too.

        Any further bugs you find if you could create a new thread that would be awesome:

        It just makes it more organized for us while troubleshooting and also when flagging for the developer.

        Thanks again! Look forward to hearing back on that first part too.


        • RavanH
          • The Crimson Coder

          Hi @Tyler

          ... I don't see the MarketPress Data > Product Metadata setting anywhere?

          I installed the beta on a test site where I had the stable MarketPress running with some test products before. After activating the beta version, I got a message about DB tables that needed upgrading and was redirected to this "MarketPress Data" page. Hitting the button to do the upgrade under Product Metadata heading resulted in this blank page with the "{success:false}" message. Then I went back with the browser back button and hit the Upgrade button again, this time all was good... Can't seem to find that particular page again so I suppose it is only there when a table upgrade is needed?

    • Tyler Postle
      • CGO

      Hey Ajay,

      The default twentyfifteen theme is always a good starting point; however, It should be working with almost all themes, some may require design tweaks here and there.

      If you find any that it's not working with then let us know and we'll see what we can do :slight_smile:

      You may have seen me mention it above but if you can create a new thread for each bug you find that would be awesome - keeps it more organized for everyone including the developer, especially if it's a more complex issue.

      Thanks for helping out Ajay!


  • mpress
    • Code Wrangler


    For this specific shop of mine I will be only selling digital products so I have chosen no shipping and no target countries (I am not going to ship anyway!) by the Shipping menu.
    When I try to finish an order I am not able to because Country is a "required field" but no countries where chosen as target countries...
    I really thought I need to choose countries only if I am going to seel phisycals products.. see picture:


    • AIPman1
      • The Incredible Code Injector

      Actually....selling digital downloads across borders is a big thing at least in Europe, and you HAVE to tax and keep records, that's why I was asking about Taximo support earlier. If you sell digital downloads to people in a country with laws about taxing digital downloads and DONT have any data to satisfy how much you owe, etc, they have penalties and can block you from countries and all sorts of fun stuff. I highly recommend you look into the laws of international digital download selling.

  • smoko
    • New Recruit

    Useful features in the the new version based on clients feedback would include

    Custom Shipping - i.e manual entries. In NZ for example it costs say $10 locally, $15 North Island, $20 South Island and buyers choose the shipping option in a drop down or radio button. Would also allow them to add additional countries and fixed rates.

    Minimum orders - Take wine for example, they can buy 6 bottles or a case of one wine but it would also be nice if they can select single bottles from different wines with a minimum order or 6 bottles. Maybe a settings option can be added somewhere so you can add the minimum order number and a checkbox in the product option to mark that option to be part of the minimum order equation in the cart.

  • Roger Beaujard
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    This is very awesome news! I've been working on a social marketplace project for months built around MarketPress/BuddyPress. I was preparing to launch a beta with people I know to test the site in a couple weeks but now am not sure if I should implement MP 3.0 beta and have them test that with me.

    I guess my question is will I be able (and am I able with current version => beta) to upgrade the beta to the final at some point because I'm pretty sure my first batch of people would be cool with testing a beta but not losing their products or any major work. Please no generic "don't use on a production" blah blah, I think you know what I'm sayin'. :wink: Thanks.

    • Michelle Shull
      • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

      Hey Roger!

      Sure thing! When the first release candidate of MarketPress is released, you can update from the beta just like you would any other version of the plugin, and all your settings/products will be safe and not lost. :slight_smile:

      Make backups, obviously, but you'll be fine updating from beta.

    • RavanH
      • The Crimson Coder

      Hi Roger, to answer

      (and am I able with current version => beta)

      I suppose if you have not changed anything particular (on the DB side) to make it work for you with BuddyPress, then you should be able to upgrade from current to beta. I tested on a dev installation with a few test products set up. The beta version said some DB tables needed to be upgraded and I launched the process. This resulted in a blank page with "{success:false}" message which worried me at first but going back and launching again all seems fine... But like Michelle sais: make a backup if you're worried about loosing your test data. And if it goes wrong, sharing your upgrade experience will help the developers :slight_smile:

  • Roger Beaujard
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hello all, thanks for the info. I have not directly modified the DB in any way prior to upgrade and literally only have 6 products in there from two subsites. However, when I go to the update database page I am getting some kind of failure.

    On all settings pages there is now an update DB status and button. When clicked, I am taken to:


    Where only this is displayed:

    Update MarketPress Data
    MarketPress requires a database update to continue working correctly.
    Below you will find a list of items that require your attention.

    That's it. Nothing below the text. I can not upgrade the current setup. I of course have backups prior to the attempted upgrade but would like to resolve without that to find out what's happening.

    Thanks and please advise what I should do next.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Roger!

    I was able to update my DB pretty simply (and that's expected behavior, MP3.0 is much more optimized and streamlined than other versions, we had to change a few tables to reflect and enhance those new optimizations, so everyone will have to run a DB upgrade.)

    There are a few things that could be causing a problem here.
    1. Something limiting access to your database. This is unlikely if everything else is working as expected.
    2. You're timing out while the database update page is loading. This is much more likely, and a pretty easy fix. There are three places you can adjust the amount of memory allotted to WordPress:
    In wp.config, edit the existing memory limit or add this line:
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

    If you can access the php.ini file on your server, you can edit the PHP memory limit by changing this line:
    memory_limit = 128M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)

    If you can not access this file, you can try adding this line to your .htaccess file:
    php_value memory_limit 128M

    If you aren't able or are uncomfortable editing these files, your host will typically do them for you as a support request. :slight_smile:

    If you continue to have issues, open a support thread on the forum and we'll help you debug further. Be sure to indicate in the body of your question that you're helping us test the .10 beta version of MarketPress, so support staff knows which version to use on their own test installs.


  • Roger Beaujard
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Not the limit and I am the server admin (no discomfort editing, not average plugin jockey :wink: ) . This is my sole project on a dedicated server. PHP mem limits are at 256, timeouts are jacked to 300. Also no htaccess using nginx to deliver pages and settings are mirrored. I'll go ahead and open a support ticket. I'd like to see if we could see what went wrong before going to backup to try again.

  • amused
    • friend of Bill. W.

    i previously inquired about MarketPress - network activated - for the eBay/Etsy (marketplace) style setup.
    (sorry i cannot find the exact post).
    if i remember correctly i discovered that this type of set up requires MarketPress to be "network activated".
    ok so that is obvious and reasonable for me to understand and accept.
    however if being used with ProSites and having levels such that one level (or default free) would not have eCommerce (MarketPress as a plugin), then it would not be possible to also have the marketplace because if MarketPress was network activated then every Tom, Dick and Harry would have access.

    in other words i want to have my cake and eat it to :slight_smile:
    in other words ;
    the set up is a Multisite with both ProSites & MarketPress.
    ProSites has "levels" such that the free (or lower level) would NOT have ecommerce plugins but a higher paid ProSites "level" would have ecommerce plugins and allow users to build an ecommerce site &/or add their products to the marketplace (shop on the "main" site).
    - multisite with MarketPress marketplace.
    - multisite with ProSites.
    - a lower ProSites "level" does NOT have MarketPress.
    - a higher ProSites "level" does have MarketPress.

    my personal admiration/appreciation or whatever u wanna call it, of WPMUDEV is their unique emphasis/support/integration for multisite, buddy press and of course your very own ProSites (a one of a kind).
    i do not think my idea is that extraordinary and unique and i am even surprised that this integration between MarketPress and ProSites was not possible.

    so to make a looooong story short :slight_smile: hehe does this new version achieve this ?
    again in other words,
    allow ProSites members/levels no access to ecommerce on a low plan but have access to the main sites marketplace and/or ecommerce on their own site.
    i really tried to explain myself properly and i hope i made myself clear as to what i would love to achieve.
    any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

    ps - off topic i know sorry but i saw the HUGE update to Membership 2 Pro today,
    AMAZING work !!!

  • XiliXTech
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I have a bug for version 3.0.b1.
    Whenever I select the option to disable the cart (I only want to list the products), I get an error: Fatal error: Class 'MP_Gateway_API' not found in /path-to-worpress/wp-content/plugins/marketpress/includes/admin/store-settings/class-mp-store-settings-payments.php on line 54

    Only way to fix appears to be either reset everything and start again; or edit the database, setting the disable_cart option to 0.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey all!

    We've got a new beta in a new thread, you can find it right here:

    Marko has been burning the midnight oil to get a bunch of fixes, tweaks, and optimizations added. Anything reported here has been fixed, to the best of my knowledge, and confirmed by QA, which is, in this case, me. :slight_smile:

    Thanks so much for all your help here! We really appreciate it!

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