It's not going smoothly with Pay Per View

Hi, I’m having trouble getting PPV to work correctly. I’m experiencing problems similar to what Randit encountered (see this thread) and I can’t tell how they were resolved for her, if at all. It appears she finally gave up on PPV and went with another solution.

I want to start off simple by first trying to see if I can make a successful pay per view transaction.


* Selector tool enabled on individual posts

* Facebook and Twitter login is disabled

* Daily Pass and Subscription is disabled.

Other Notes:

* PPV is not network activated

* Membership is not activated

* I’m in PayPal Sandbox mode

Problem #1 – No price display at PayPal

Same as Randit, for me PayPal does not display Price at any point of the checkout process. Hakan inquired whether IPN was set to the default Off, and I assume it is because I don’t know where to find it in the Sandbox settings.

Problem #2 – Hidden Content not displayed after purchase

Same as Randit, when the payment is made (and it is successfully made), there’s no “success” message and when the visitor is returned to the original page on my site which has the content, the content is still hidden and the buy button is still there. When the buy button is clicked, it links to a page with no content on it. Strange.

Anyhow, that should be enough to start. Please see attached screenshots as well. Thanks.

Here are the test pages: Page 1 and Page 2.