It's official: Pro Sites 3.5 is here!

Heya guys & gals!

Yep, it is official: the wait is over! Pro Sites 3.5 is finally here with oodles of new poodles... I mean features, sorry. :slight_smile:

Two of the most-requested features that are included in this release are a customizable checkout form with feature list, and a streamlined checkout process that allows users to purchase a Pro Site right at registration. That's right, they no longer have to go back to the Pro Site checkout page to pay once their site is created. Yay!

Go right ahead & drool over the screenshots below of the checkout process. What you see is the Stripe gateway in action enabling users to pay with their credit card right on your site.

Here's a list of all the cool new stuff that's included in this release.

New: Limit Coupons availability to selected period
New: Checkout user role selection setting
New: Persistent object cache support
New: Russian Rubles to paypal currencies and locale
New: Force Network Used space check if quota is enabled, can be overridden using
filter 'psts_enable_used_space_check'
New: Improve directions in Premium Plugins module
New: Allow changing which site the checkout page is on via PSTS_CHECKOUT_SITE
New: Add admin bar upgrade button for Bulk Upgrades module
New: Filters to override ads conditionals
New: BuddyPress feature to hide non-pro blogs from activity streams
New: Pricing checkout table
New: Features table
New: Use multiple gateways (e.g. allowing PayPal as well as Credit Card via
New: Taxamo integration to support EU VAT requirements (requires
New: Detailed receipts when using tax
New UI: Updated many of the setting pages to make it easier to find your settings. Also includes drag and drop reordering of some elements.

We hope you have a blast with this new release... and make loads o' dough with it! If you need help with anything, or run into a snag, just give us support monkeys a shout! We're here 24/7 for ya. :slight_smile: