It's time for Multi-Networks

Hi my friends from The Down Under!

I’m sorry for using this space for that, but I just couldn’t find another way. I would need to contact one of the “Heads” of WPMUDev, there’s an urgent subject:


They are really the future of WordPress, and very neglected by pretty much everyone (but the ones who really create the matter…). Short Version: pretty much all of your plugins just plain work on a Multi-Network Environment. “Out of da Box“.


Despite that, WPMUDEV itself doesn’t seen to be very Multi-Network-Minded (yet). And you’re getting bigger and bigger. So it may be the good time for you guys to make this step, and turn yourselves to Multi Network. The Pros are a nearly all and the cons are a couple (if that much).

If you didn’t yet, I encourage you to check the video below that explains who, how and why. From the unveiler of Multi-Network. Since I’ve started with WordPress I got this feeling with the Multi-Network Environment.

I would be honored and proud to move my “white-bald-handicap ass” from Brasil to the Down Under to start a project with WPMUDEV: turn it a solid, robust Multi-Network. The masses usually tends to ignore and neglect the next big-step in evolution: only the sapiens are able to “catch the fly“.

Please let me know if is there a chance to have a private contact with someone at WPMUDEV! I’ll keep looking forward from you on my mailbox ( to start moving this, at your service.

Wish you all the very greatest success ever, and I hope we can make WPMUDEV an awesome Multi-Network Site, with Multi-Network-Minded folks!