I`ve been a member for about a year or so now, and tried

Hi guys!
Ive been a member for about a year or so now, and tried out some of your plugins, but feel I had to few projects to try out all your goodies. And I also must point out that Im not a programmer, so I struggle when it comes to coding. But I`m (slowly) learning more and more.
And now I have the chance of a position in a Norwegian creative agency as a WordPress developer (is there such a title?). WordPress is gaining more and more ground here in Norway also, but there´s still a lot of ground to cover, so I have launched a bold (in my eyes) test project for the agency; A showcase site featuring a lot of the possibilities that WordPress offers, and thereby many of the WPMUdev plugins. I will be using Elegant Themes Divi theme and WooCommerce webshop, but other than that, there will be a WPMUdev galore; Appointments+, CoursePress Pro, Directory, Events +, Membership Premium, WPMU DEV Videos at first, and then add on as the project evolves. The plan is to have a fully functional showcase page for potential customers, showing off many of the possibilities WordPress offers.

And why am I telling you all this? Well, knowing myself, I know I will run into problems I need your skills and knowhow to get around before I master them myself. So therefor I wonder if any of you could take upon you to help my out in my quest to build Norways most potent WordPress/WPMUdev showcase site?