I've been comparing a lot of membership plugins / community


I've been comparing a lot of membership plugins / community plugins for a new martial arts company.

On our site(s) we will be offering a variety of different levels of content and access to content.

We're also integrating wordpress multisite. Here's a quick breakdown.

Main Site: SoulFightersAcademy.com

- Community-Based Site
- Holds all user info (CRM-ish)
- BBpress
- BuddyPress
- Locations
- Sub-Sites (x5): Example: TRITACjitsu.com (wordpress multisite)


- Details on particular program / service
- Video Membership (sales / access)
- Video Courses (sales / access)

We want the user information to be shared across all sites. If a user signs-up for a subscription on TRITACJitsu.com, they automatically have an account on SoulFighterAcademy.com which allows them to access BBPress and BuddyPress.

Also, how do I use the Yellow Pages like Directory with the BuddyPress. I really want to integrate the community into the site. Very similar to what you have done.

Any suggestions on what to integrate:

Community (students, instructors) (Buddypress)
Forums (restricted content, open forums) (BBPress)
Directory (instructor listing, academy listings) (GeoDirectory or ?)
Membership Site (dripped content, addon content) (WPMU)
Courses (WPMU)

Also, I want to offer a dashboard similar to what you have. Is there a plugin that does that?