I've been following this to the letter with no result

I've been following this excellent WPMUDEV tutorial for a couple attempts so far, with no luck. I've got myself a droplet at Digital Ocean for just $5 while I'm trying to get my own VPS up and running for the first time. I've never done this before, and I really want to learn, and be successful without a shared hosting environment anymore.

This tutorial: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wordpress-multisite-wordpress-nginx/

It's great and all... but I follow it to the letter, and I don't even deviate from the 'standard' names and placeholder names (like using wordpress as the username), but still it doesn't work for me.

Are there any server studs around here that's willing to diagnose this issue for me, or better yet... I'd even pay ya to set it up like this woman writes.

Thanks for your time.

- Charlie

  • Charlie Pryor
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Just as a general update to the situation (which I'm now calling quits on for now because it's given me a headache):

    First off... All through the tutorial, /var/www apparently didn't even exist, as a directory. I had to mkdir to get it to even exist before downloading Wordpress files (I left a comment on the article). Okay. So now the directory exists, and I've downloaded wordpress files into it...

    I'm at the point in the tutorial right before you install Wordpress. My main issue was that I got this far, and there is no direction or way in which to access the Wordpress "Create wp-config" screen. I also tried to install phpmyadmin (right when she said I could, using the instructions from the other WPMU DEV tutorial that she linked to) and was unsuccessful in being able to get that to come up in the browser (gave me 404 error).

    Then I read that nginx has changed from /var/www to being /var/html. Great. Wonderful.

    So I found a tutorial that would allow me to get phpmyadmin moved from where it was, to the new location it should have been in.

    After that was done, I try going to pryormedia.org/phomyadmin like I'm supposed to in order to access it... Except the WORDPRESS Create wp-config screen shows up instead!

    So I'm not able to get into phpmyadmin where I'm supposed to access it, and when I try I get the other screen that I should be getting when I try to navigate to the installer URL..

    I know I'm SOOO close to having this work as described, even though I'm halfway done with the tutorial. Any advice or assistance would be wonderful. I have no issue giving you root access either. There's nothing on the server yet, obviously.

  • Charlie Pryor
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Okay. Config screen is now accessible from the main URL. Still can't access phpmyadmin. Perhaps a full removal and reinstall would help? Don't know how to do that though.

    I've got Wordpress installed and stuff now, as directed by the tutorial. I want to wait to proceed into the multisite stuff until I have phpmyadmin figured out, but without really knowing my way around a command line.. I can't for the life of me figure out where it is to access it, and how to get it pulled up in my browser in the normal spot. - I also would like to (if possible) have it accessed at a different location than standard, with a different name (alias) so that it's more difficult to access.

  • Charlie Pryor
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Jack

    Thanks for the reply. I'll make you some SSH credentials and send them to you. The only thing I can't figure out now is how to get phpmyadmin working. Everything else in the tutorial, so far, seems to be working.

    I'll email it to you soon. I really do appreciate the help, even if it's not really something ya'll are supposed to do. Don't take too much time with it, or put it in front of anyone else. :slight_smile:

    - Charlie

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