Conditional Form and usage for RSVP

I’ve been racking my brain surfing the web looking for a solution that exist and it may very well may not. Hoping someone here would know or can recommend a plugin or service.

I’m finding some but doesn’t contain all the features I need it to have.

Here is what I’m looking for

1. Ajax loading (for one page websites)

2. Responsive (should already be)

3. Supports conditional logic

– When a user says “No” they can’t attend, they’re presented w/a custom html (video, text,

audio, image)

– If a user says “Yes” they’ll attend, they’re presented a different video once they’ve completed the form and its been submitted.

4. RSVP only for users Guest List

5. Stores sortable user that are attending and those who are not

6. Export to excel or .csv format

7. Data statics taht breaks down who’s attending, who hasn’t submitted

8. Ability to send email notification for those who are on the guest list and hasn’t confirmed their RSVP status.

9. Custom questions that can be made.

So far I’ve tried/used/inquired, Rsvpify,

This seems to work sort of work! Doesn’t have the logic behind it so that I can restrict it to only a Guest list that can RSVP., but was hoping there was WP standalone plugin that could achieve this.