I've been running into a few problems with my Pro Sites

Hi. I've been running into a few problems with my Pro Sites install over the past few days. The latest one is that once a site is setup, there is no upgrade option available in its dashboard. Initially, I expected to have some sort of level grid available prior to sign up. If I understand correctly, that isn't an option. Disappointing. But I was led to think that following signup these options would be available through the 'Your Account' link. That link only gives me a blank page on my network admin site template.

I do have the Pay to Blog option checked. But I also have a free level. Both the test sites I made are on the free level. But I can't find any place that would show the user what the free level or any other level offers. I'm looking at least for that nice colorful shiny grid that the plugin's info page displays. What gives? Please help.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @l_e

    I hope you are well today and sorry to hear of the issues your having.

    Could I have a screenshot please of pro sites > settings please?

    The free level, the default one built in would be disabled with Pay To Blog enabled, as Pay to blog won't unlock the site until it receives a IPN (Instant Payment Notification) from PayPal for example.

    Look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • l_e

    When I set up a site. First, there is no page showing a pricing or level grid. Also, once I get into the new site dashboard the Your Account option only gives me a page not found page. During setup, I chose the option for prosites upgrade. No page came up for payment. I have the free trial setup for 30 days. When you click on the link at the top of the dashboard to checkout before the trial period ends, again there is a page not found page that comes up.

    Tried again with the 'not now' option for the Pro upgrade. Same results. At this point a visitor would not even know that there are levels available. This is after they somhow find the signup page.

    Am I supposed to setup the pages? What do I link it to? How do I get it synced with the buttons? I will have to setupsomething more elaborate than a simple, click here to get your own site. For starters, according to what happened with my next 2 test sites I'll have to instruct visitors to always choose the 'not now' option in order to even get into their dashboard if the free option is disabled. See below

    So, I set up a 3rd test site. I disabled the free trial. Selected the upgrade to Pro option on the signup page. No payment page came up. Was able to go to the site homepage. But when attempting to get to the dashboard, a page not found page came up.

    Tried a test 4 site. Selected the 'not now' option when asked about the Pro upgrade. Went thru to the site and dashboard. Finally, I got an upgrade to Pro option!!! So I click on it and I get a page not found page. *:disappointed:

    Where's the pretty chart with the level cost options? Why did I have look through tons of forum posts to find the link to even get to a sign up page? Are there other links associated with this plugin that I'm unaware of? Where is this basic info? The available tutorials are great. But seemingly incomplete. Please help.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the additional information and the screenshot, I see that your Pro sites page should be tu-plus from that screenshot, but as you say it's a page not found (404).

    Because of this, can you check that the page exists within your wp-admin > pages please? If not create it and call it tu plus (it must have the space), make sure you enter no other content, publish that.

    Then go to settings > permalinks, change them to anything but default, then change them to postname. Once this is done test the sign up again and see if it works, it should :slight_smile:

    If not don't panic, but I may need some logins to take a closer look :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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