I've been setting up a pop-up which previews correctly

Hi, I've been setting up a pop-up which previews correctly (except for a picture I am trying to add). However, when somebody uses the pop-up he is redirected to 404 page. I noticed that Infinite SEO shows an URL related to this popup which runs like http://www.thewritemind.be/nieuwsbrief (see screenshot) - but this URL is non-existing. How to solve this & get the pop-up working correctly?


  • Luc
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    I just granted access. Note that my site is not yet public - hence the COMING SOON on the home page. The COMING SOON plugin I am using allows me to send special invitation to people that I want to give a sneak preview of my site - and one of those visitors ran into the problems I described in my original email. Currently I disable the Pop-up & also implemented a global redirect of the 404 page to the home page. But obviously, I would like the WPMUDEV pop-up to behave correctly.


  • Vinod Dalvi
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    Hi Luc,

    Thank you for granting the support staff access.

    I have tested it on your site by activating the "Nieuwsbrief" pop up that you have created and it worked fine for me as displayed in the attached screenshot.

    Is it working fine now or have i missed anything to test?

    If you can please share the screenshot of the issue so that we can better understand it.

    Vinod Dalvi

  • Luc
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    Thanks for your reply. I probably should have been more precise in my original description. "Whenever someone uses the pop-up" actually means "whenever somebody pushes the blue button at the bottom". The pop-up is actually displayed, but pushing the button doesn't seem to trigger the right action. This seemed to generate a 404 (which I solved in the meantime by a global redirect), rather than going to the target landing page http://p.thewritemind.be/enews-signup/. I suspect that the visitor may be redirected to http://www.thewritemind.be/nieuwsbrief. That is a non-existing page, but I do see that link appear in the Infinite SEO part on the page where I can edit the popup.



  • Luc
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    it now seems to be working on my side as well. I'll check once again with the person that reported the problem originally to me.

    2 more small questions:
    - I can't seem to save popup display animation. Saving the popup closing animation works fine, but popup display animation always returns NO ANIMATION setting
    - I can't seem to add any image to the popup. I originally did so successfully, then removed it - but now cannot add it again.

    Thanks for your help,


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