I've been tinkering with Social but have run into some

I’ve been tinkering with Social but have run into some problems. I’m looking for a theme or a way to modify a theme that will allow my site to do the following things:

1. Have a members blog page

2. Have a video area – (like YouTube) where members can upload videos

3. A social networking aspect that allows members to connect with each other, share post, pics, vids, events, manage “friends” etc.

4. Events page – that allows for events to be found in members particular state or region.

5. Store Page that allows members to post items for sale

Each page will have its own set of menus also with one static header that appears on all pages, for example the store page will have menus for Cd’s books, apparel, etc. and will be searchable by recent items, A-Z, price, etc.

So actually what I need is a way to basically take 4 different sites (Videos, Store, Events, Blog) and make them operate as one. meaning one log in for the member to access all areas and whenever a post is created by a member that post goes to the correct page. For example, if I post a video on my members page it automatically goes to the video page or if I post a blog on my page it automatically goes to the blogs page, and so on and so on. Thanks for your help