I've disabled WP registration, why can people still register?


I want people registering ONLY through the Membership registration process, so I can convert them.

I’ve disabled WP registration in settings/general and I’ve taken the meta links from the sidebar. Instead, I’ve added a membership registration button.

But I see that some people are still registering via WP.

What else can I do?

Also, if they register via WP, will they then receive the newsletter I send via the enewsletter plugin?

How can I prevent this path to registration and channel all registrations to the Membership site, so that I can then subcribe them to different groups in the enewsletter?



  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for the post.

    i’ve just been to your site & i can’t register using WP method, it says user registration is disabled. so that seems to be working fine.

    Are you sure these are signing up using WP? they could be using the membership registration, but stopping after submitting registration details & then not continuing with the subscription. which would make them inactive until they paid.

    if you want to remove those users you can empty the wp_signups table in the DB using phpmyadmin.

    hope this helps.

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