I've followed your WP for iOS instructions exactly

I've followed your WP for iOS instructions exactly as described, absent the graphic changes, and when it loads onto my phone, I get errors, and the login I attempt doesn't work. It really seems I'm not even connecting to my own website.

  • PC
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    Hey there Jason,

    Thanks for your post and sorry for the issues you are facing.

    I have sent it to our app Champs @Alexander Rohmann and @Jack Kitterhing so that they can have a closer look and assist accordingly.

    Meanwhile can you kindly upload a new attachment with a reply so that they can see what is going on ? I have removed that old irrelevant screenshot.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, PC

  • Jason
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    // Configs.h
    // WordPress
    // Created by Quang on 10/26/13.
    // Copyright (c) 2013 WordPress. All rights reserved.

    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

    /* The XML RPC URL */
    #define kXMLRPCURL @"http://fboscheduler.com/xmlrpc-JepexZakOe.php"

    /* URL to the sign up web form */
    #define kWebBlogSignUpURL @"http://fboscheduler.com/signup?ref=eb-iphone"

    Version checking URL.
    Comment out the following line will disable the version checking.
    //#define kUpdateCheckURL @"http://fboscheduler.com/iphoneapp/update-check/1.0/index.html"

    /* The configuration to allow user add new site. Comment out the following line to prevent user add new site.
    //#define kAllowToAddNewSite

    #pragma - mark About view
    /* The title of the about view */
    #define kAboutViewTitle @"FBO Scheduler for iOS"

    /* The terms of service URL for the about view */
    #define kTermsOfServiceURL @"http://fboscheduler.com/terms-of-service/"

    /* The privacy policy URL for the about view */
    #define kPrivacyPolicyURL @"http://fboscheduler.com/privacy-policy/"

    /* The website URL for the about view */
    #define kWebsiteURL @"http://fboscheduler.com/"

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Jason,

    Looks like it's building ok. It's ok that you have those warnings - they're not in any way harmful, and are really just notices for developers. Some of the "different at runtime" messages mean we have code that overrides values from the visual editor. So it's just letting developers know that things might not be as they expect. In our case, we can just ignore them.

    You said you get errors on your phone. What errors might those be? Could you explain a bit more about the issues you're having once the app is running?

    Best regards,

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