I've found the point where changes aren't being saved..

Hi there,

As you’ll know I’ve had a lot of frustration recently with changes I’m making saving but not going live. I think I’ve now found what’s causing it. Bear with me with this, it’s tricky to explain. I’ve managed to recreate the same issue every time though on a number of brand new sites with nothing but dashboard and builder plugins installed.

When I’m editing a theme in builder I click ‘Save Theme’ and sure enough it saves the changes and I can see those changes on my website.

However, if I click ‘responsive’ and make a change in Responsive Editing Mode, saves also works BUT after that point when I exit Responsive editing mode the usual ‘Save Theme’ button doesn’t make changes active. It says it’s saving the changes but those changes never go live – until I go back in to responsive editing mode and click ‘Save’. The is says ‘Published’ at the top of the editor.

Is it supposed to do that?