I've got 99 MarketPress problems


Ive installed MarketPress for a client on lovenskate.com – All was well, until the client wanted to extend the functionality of MP and installed the Basic version of MarketPress Mojo.

As soon as this was installed, product images went missing, the checkout page would not work and for some reason the Visual mode was not clickable in the WP editor and the ability to 'Add Media' was not allowed on pages, posts and products.

Very soon after (not sure if it was associated) but there was a Malware hack on the site, users with admin access were created and the pain became ten times worse than it already was!

I've deleted the MP Mojo plugin. Run a malware check on all files (surprisingly came back clean), tidied up the database, changed database passwords and reactivated all plugins one by one to see if any problems.

Everything goes well until I re-activate MarketPress.

I lose the ability to 'Add Media' again and the 'Visual' editor once again becomes unclickable.

Also, when I click 'add to cart' as a test and head to checkout – the checkout button does not work. It seemingly takes me to the Shop Cart once again – so the ability to add payment or delivery details is not viewable.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.