Ive got a few questions actually: 1. I wonder if its


Ive got a few questions actually:

1. I wonder if its possibe to have a monthly reecuring fee of lets say $20 monthly for a PRO SITE
membership and then, lets say I want people to refer other people and they get $10 "per month in comission
per sign up. Is this possible. As I want to build an affiliate structure which is based on a Residual monthly income
of $10 every month...so if theve refferd 10 people, that $10x10 every month. I need to be sure this can be done..

2. Lets say I want to offer my Pro sites subscribers 3 themes and one of the themes is a "Locked theme"
which constists of a video and other elements, which will act as this SIGN ups personal BRANDED landing
page, which they can add details to....and they wont be able to chnage pictures or video...Is this possible?

And lets say I want to change an element in my Theme, will this change be UPDATED automatically on all
those pages that have this Theme ACTIVE? So its Edited in real time, if I add and remove something to the theme.
Maybe updating the video etc...I want this to be reflected on All active theme pages...

3. Lets say I want to create a landing page with Optimizepress.com (which is a standalone wordpress install)...as its a great tool for landin gpages. and I install that in a directory called, for example.
join.name.com, how will it be possible for affiliates to Send traffic to that website and Get Commission? As I could see now, the Link send all Affiliates to the Startpage of the website automaitcally...will it be possible to change where the Affiliate link "Points"?
So I would Call this theme "Affiliateor Opportunity Theme". Where they can add their affiliate link to a button that is
already added....

As I may not want the affiliate link go to the Front page all the time, I may have 2-3 different landing pages for them to choose to send traffic to, for higher conversions....

Any good idea?