I've got the following problem: I'm using the 'Special

Hi guys I've got the following problem: I'm using the 'Special recent post widget' on my homepage (www.jaaadesign.nl) but lately google puts more importance to this widget than to the actual post, resulting in displaying my homepage instead of the post in search results. Can you point me in the right direction to add no-index to my widget? Thanks!


  • aristath
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    Hello there @Nick vd Veerdonk,

    First of all, the plugin you mentioned you're using says that it will not be maintained and it will soon be removed. So if I were you I'd try another one, something like this should do the trick: http://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-posts-widget/
    The issue you're having is an SEO issue...
    This would normally mean that your theme is not SEO-optimized.
    If you don't want to change the theme you're using, you can simply use our Infinite SEO plugin: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wpmu-dev-seo/
    This will hopefully add the necessary meta info on your posts and google will slowly start displaying those instead of your homepage.

    I hope that helps!


  • Nick vd Veerdonk
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    Hi Ari, thanks again :slight_smile: Thing is that I really like this plugin and prob going to buy the maintained pro version. As for SEO and my theme, I'm using a very good theme and Yoasts SEO plugin. The problems started after I started adding Open Graph tags (which I don't want to remove either!) I'm really looking for a fix where I can add no-index to either the widget or IN the plugin, like you would to a header.php file (but there is no header.php in the plugin).

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