I’ve had a few issues with upfront and the fixer theme.

I’ve had a few issues with upfront and the fixer theme.
I selected the Fixer Theme to introduce our company. In a nut shell we offer direct marketing services, marketing program eVals and a monthly 4-page publication on using direct marketing fundamentals with digital.
Presently on my Fixer theme, there are six photos. The sixth page will be a landing page. I read a variety of the how-to’s on your blogs and ideas in the community. I understand what must happen but I’m not comfortable moving forward. For, example my mega slider won’t slide. I cannot locate the screen in upfront to make this happen.
These 6 photos are meant to be sliders. I set them up as full screen sliders, moving on downward as a wall-to-wall mega slider formation. Each will have a bit of copy to move the reader to the landing page. I’m not sure if this is correct.
There also must be a better way to build the slider presentation. They were saved as full screen. The next photo was added by clicking on the bottom yellow + sign and extended downward to 860 p.
I’m not new to WordPress themes having built four in the past six years. This is my first go around using upfront and the fixer theme. I’m not comfortable moving forward until I get a better understanding of upfront and the fixer theme.
The final version, I think I’m now into triple digits, should be built the right way. As of now I am very frustrated and hope I can get some support. This was note was placed through the WPMU dashboard over 24 hours ago. My ISP responds in minutes so maybe I’m spoiled.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @Marketingdoc,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I took a liberty of visiting your site through the support access that you've granted and taking a look around. I think the issue here is that those images that you're referring to are not actually set as slider there.

    The "yellow + sign" doesn't add slider element but instead it's adding a new region to layout. In order to set background slider you will want to operate on region settings. Please follow these steps (I'll use the top-most region for your page as an example):

    - click on "Triangle-pen" dark-blue icon in the upper-right corner of the region (the tooltip says "Edit background")
    - then click on little green "gear" icon ("Settings") near top-right corner
    - select "Image slider" from the drop-down list for "Background Type" option
    - using Media manager that pops-out select images to be used as slides
    - (optional) adjust available settings for the slider
    - click on "Finish editing background"
    - save Upfront layout

    This will create a working background slider.

    This was note was placed through the WPMU dashboard over 24 hours ago. My ISP responds in minutes so maybe I’m spoiled.

    Notes that you're able to leave for support staff while granting access are not support tickets and are not forwarded to us in any way. These are just notes that are displayed to us when we're accessing your site. An example usage may be: secure way to provide us with FTP access credentials, a note saying that the some changes has been made to the site after a support ticket has been posted and before we have accessed the site etc.

    Best regards,

  • Marketingdoc

    Adam - Thank you for your response. I was unaware of the difference between support tickets and the notes I leave for support people. I assumed, which I should never do, I would be contacted soon.
    Anyway, I like the idea of support accessing a website. It leads to better communication. My ISP provides a similar service, saving a lot of time in the process.
    I'll give your recommendations a whirl today, but first I must put on my plumbers hat and repair a leak in the bathroom sink. Evidently, I selected the right theme.

  • Milan

    Hello Mike,

    Its good news that you fixed your sink, I started thinking that you got different skills and fixing sink is just one of it.. :wink: Well, I hope you won't mind me chiming here. :slight_smile:

    I've took a look at your site and got to know that you've used background slider element for most of regions to render just single item except first one. Is there any specific reason to do so ? I am asking this because if you really want only single image to be displayed as background for region, then you can easily set it up with "Image" background type of region( please refer attached screenshot ).

    Furthermore you've also setup background slider in page's first region container which usually used to render navigation. I am sorry but is there any specific reason for this too ? If not they you can easily create new region just below it by hitting new region button of any region container. Please see attached screenshot to know what I am referring to.

    If I am headed on completely wrong path please forgive me and direct me on right way by including little bit more information about your issue regarding slider element. If you can include please do include screenshots too, as it will help me to understand your issue visually. :slight_smile:

    Milan Savaliya

  • Marketingdoc

    I want the slider option to help explain a story with an image as the background and some text on each slide. The text must stay in place on each slide.
    After the slide show I'll use pages as noted in the top slider menu bar to explain further our services and our publication, Direct Marketing Success. I want to add call to actions and landing pages for leads. I attached a sample of the Direct Marketing Success newsletter for design and copy attributes we use.
    The website slides are in the right order as noted in the first slide region. When I want to make a change to the slide text, they are not.
    That's what I want my website to do and the reason why I selected the Fixer Theme. If you have a better idea for a theme please let me know.

  • Milan

    Hello @Marketingdoc,

    First of all thank you for clarifying this more. :slight_smile:

    I am taking your authority and breaking your questions in bits so it helps us to understand each bit clearly. :slight_smile:

    I want the slider option to help explain a story with an image as the background and some text on each slide. The text must stay in place on each slide.

    Dear member at this moment we are not supporting single slide as elements container. That means right now its not possible to add different elements of customizer on each slide. The reason of such behavior is, slider is rendered as background element of region, so in layman's term, slider element allows you to set different images for region's background at scheduled time interval with nice animation but it won't let you add different text/media elements for each slide of it.

    So conclusion is that you can add elements for overall slider container element ( region in other words ) but not for individual slides.

    But there are few option I can think for your story telling purpose with theme. Please let me describe those first. :slight_smile:

    #1) First one is you go with something like "anchoring elements and referencing them from your navigation menu". Please let me explain this trick.

    First of you'll create new region for each of your new slide, and add some element in it, let's say you've created region named "my-first-slide" and placed one text element in it to describe first portion of your service. Now there is one setting available to make that element anchor one ( Anchor elements are those elements which you can reference by any link of your page. Consider this example to understand this better, user clicks on one of the navigation menu and it scroll downs page to one of anchor element which that navigation menu is referencing).

    So above little info was kind of theory of anchor elements, now to understand this trick better I suggest you to follow below steps which I am sure in then end give you overall idea of this trick.

    #1) Create new page.
    #2) Create few region on that page. If you don't know how to create regions with upfront, please follow these steps,
    =>1) Click on region editing icon which you will see when you hover over any region of page.
    =>2) Add new region by clicking "+" icon which you will see when you will enter in region editing mode by following steps 1.
    =>3) Add one region, give it a name.
    =>4) Then on every side of region you will see "+" icon, click on it to add new region on respective side.
    #3) After creating different regions, chose elements from customize which you think will best satisfy your needs.
    #4) Hit the setting icon of top most element of region. It will pop up automatically when you'll single click on element.
    #5) Now setting icon click will open element specific customization window which looks similar to accordion , in which go to Advance settings accordion and check box saying "Anchor Element". As soon as you check that option, one little text input box will pop out for anchoring element's id. Enter id there ( note that specials characters are not allowed in id string )
    #6) After this much process, save changes.
    #7) Go to your top navigation menu and add one another menu item, select its "Links to" option as "anchor" and select id which you've assigned for your anchor element from below dropdown. Hit save change button. ( in this step I want to make note that if you are editing navigation menu which is inside global region then adding new menu item in it will be reflected to all of your page where you've used that global region, so its my advice to you that you clone that element and uncheck global region option by editing that particular region. )
    #8) Finally save all of your change and view page, Click on menu and you'll see it will let user to anchored element.

    I know above is very long journey and for that I've added some screenshots as additional supplies, you may want to use it during your journey. :slight_smile:

    Now please let me explain what is second alternative for your story telling requirement according to me. So as for second option you an use third party plugin Revolution Slider which has been integrated well with our upfront in upfront's widget element.

    Just install plugin, create slider according to your need ( it will allow you to create very depth slider for your requirement. ). Edit page in upfront where you want to render that slider, just drag widget element on page where you want to display slider. ( its good if you can create new region and place widget in it, but if you want to go with existing region then also there isn't any issue at all ). After placing widget on page, please do select widget type as "Revolution" and select your slider form then drop-down comes after widget type. Please refer attached screenshot for more information on this. :slight_smile:

    I hope above information will help you with your concern. If it doesn't we are ready to help you further. :slight_smile:

    Have a pleasant time. :slight_smile:

    Cheers and With Warmest Regards,
    Milan Savaliya

  • Marketingdoc

    Milan: Thank you for your response and the time to help me complete the site. I'm about two weeks behind deadline, hoping to complete by weeks end. We get an extra day this February but I hope I will not need it.
    You were not kidding about the long journey. I worked with it for about two hours, but I was unable to complete all the steps. I think it would be a nightmare just trying to get everything inline to meet my goals, look and workability.
    I took your advice and downloaded Revolution. I have a busy day tomorrow but should get back to it late in the afternoon. I hope the widget is easy to comprehend.
    I'll let you know how this journey pans out.
    Enjoy your day,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Mike,

    Memory limit can be changed withing wp-config.php, .htaccess or php.ini files, all three should be located in your main WordPress installation folder, you will know you're in right place when you see wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes folder and some other files in folder.

    When editing wp-config.php you need to make sure that you have added all your code above /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ line.

    As for the max post size, besides .htaccess and php.ini you can add the code to your theme functions.php file which is located in your main theme folder.
    I would suggest using child theme if you're making changes to theme files.

    You should also note that some hosts don't allow this changes to be made from above files so you might want to contact your server provider and ask them which is the best method on their servers or they can do this for you.

    Best regards,

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