I've ran a test


I've ran a test with Hummingbird and the only thing really pulling down my score (quite dramatically) is the optimize images test. However, I previously had Smush installed and managed to smush 151/157 of my images, yet it's still advising me that this is the problem. What else can I do to minimise this and get a better score?

Thanks in advance!

  • Vaughan

    Hi victoria,

    Hope you're well?

    I've just looked at a lot of the images that hummingbird reports being required to compress, and it looks like those images have not been uploaded via the wp media uploader.

    Smush pro can only smush images that were uploaded via the media uploader & should be in the media library.

    Many of the images seem to be fromexternalsources such as instagram for example, and some may have been uploaded via another plugin or something that did not use the wp media uploader. Smush pro would be unable to smush those images at all.

    You would need to manually optimize those images by downloading them from instagram, optimizing them in a photo editing package or something, and then re-upload them to instagram.

    Also I have enabled the smush original images & backup original images, as some of the images are quite large, so bulk smushing the original image will save you a lot more too.

    But there seems to be 5 images in the library that for some reason smush is unable to process. You can try deleting those images & re-uploading them again & hopefully that should then smush those remaining 5 images. You'd obviously need to then re-attach them to the original posts etc.

    Hope this helps

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