I've tried to install buddypress – that caused an fatal

Hello… I’ve tried to install buddypress – that caused an fatal error … my tech support told me that this plugin tries to use 256M PHP memory – but the maximum PHP memory is 128M – why is this plugin such a memory eater? can you give me advice? Martin

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    Hello Martin,

    Were you able to get your site working again? I can definitely advise you here, but as you spoke to tech support I would just like to confirm that you got the site back in a stable condition. If not, I can assist with that as well.

    So this error is caused when WordPress exceeds the set memory limit on your server. As it pertains to BuddyPress, it might just be that the initial activation caused this because more memory would be needed to setup the tables and create all the initial settings and profiles.

    You might be able to get this to work if you disable all the other plugins, then activate BuddyPress, then reactivate your other plugins one at a time.

    It might not have just been BuddyPress using 256. More realistically, I’d assume that that number represents that entire amount of RAM used by all the plugins and WordPress combined. Perhaps there are some unnecessary plugins that you can remove.

    In any case, errors like this mean you’re right at the limit of the max amount of plugins you’ll be able to use on this server. So your options are:

    1. Check with your host about increasing the memory limit.

    2. Choose your plugins wisely, and try to reduce your memory footprint

    3. Upgrade to a better server.

    Hope this helps, and provides the insight you’re looking for.

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

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