I've used eNewsletter for a while now, usually I'd send via

I've used eNewsletter for a while now, usually I'd send via Amazon SES and everything was relatively fine but last month I experienced problems with Amazon and sent using my local SMTP server and things went smoothly.

This month I'm sending a newsletter by cron and it is ridiculously slow, to the point I'm worried they won't be all sent by the weekend (which is when the event is which I'm trying to advertise).

After about 10 hours I've only sent 190 emails.

It wasn't this slow last month.

My settings are set to send 400 emails per hour with a 2 second delay between each message.

Last month the settings were the same, however I set a 10 second delay between each message.

Is there anything I can do to help?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @doggins,

    The gap between each batch could certainly be a factor, however, it could also be the server too, the server could be queued up in Exim. Your host might have some restrictions to try to reduce spam.

    Which is mainly why many companies that send thousands of emails out in newsletters tend to use 3rd party mailing services.

    You could try reducing the amount per hour a bit, but the speed at which they're sent would mainly depend on the server.

    It might be worth asking your web host to see if they have any advice.

    Is it a dedicated server, VPS or shred hosting?


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