James- Give Aaron and his team a raise!

Today I went scanning through the MarketPress files to look for a particular snippet of code. I never found it, what I did see is what an astonishing piece of work it is.

I don't know how development is handled around here, but I know that Aaron Edwards leads on the big projects and that he has diligently handled support requests for MarketPress for myself and many others in the forums. MarketPress is a BIG plugin and the codebase for it is amazingly impressive.

I am not a coder, I only tinker with other people's work, but as I scanned through that file, it really demonstrates the incredible amount of skill that Aaron and his team possess. To go from visualizing how they want an e-commerce plugin to work, and then going in to hand-code it into existence in such a short period of time is amazing to me.

MarketPress, you are competing with the old-time WP e-commerce plugin, which is older and further into its development life - I find it really impressive that Aaron and WPMU DEV was able to bring MarketPress to the WP plugin market so quickly and produce something that in terms of software feels "mature" and more superior to WP e-commerce.

Thank you all for your efforts and support. My wife and I run our site together and if it wasn't for the development that you guys do here, we would not have been able to build our site to match what we envisioned.

You guys do an excellent job!