Javascript errors using Hummingbird

Hello Support,

Lately we are experiencing different Javascript errors using Hummingbird. We tried multiple solutions but none of them worked. Is this problem known or do you know a way how we can solve this problem? I added a screenshot of the Javascript errors.
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Daniel,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Do you have Hummingbird's "Minification" enabled there? This is usually the reason for issues like this, though it's not a bug.

    The "Minification" process is very complex and includes three "sub-tasks": one is script/stylesheet minification, one is combining it with other script/stylesheet files and one is moving it to a header or footer (in order to fix "load blocking resources" among other issues).

    This however is a process that cannot be fully configured automatically because different themes and plugins (or their combinations, to be precise) can react in different ways. That's why there's even a warning on "Hummingbird -> Minification" page regarding this.

    That being said, could you please disable minification and see if that helps? If so, then the course of action would be:

    1. Enable Minification again
    2. On "Hummingbrid -> Minification" page try "experimenting" with "minify" and "combine" switches for files related to errors that you see.

    That can be a daunting task but in the end it should let you find a "balance" between optimization and site fully working.

    Give it a try please and in case you'd need further assistance with this let me know please.

    Best regards,

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