has not been working since I joined your has not been working since I joined your year long thing. I have not had time to deal with this. I tried following your directions in adding plugins including multisite and now my site is worthless. I can log in to the admin but i cannot log in otherwise. This is too much for me. I would like a refund or for this problem to go away.

I cannot take this anymore.


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @jessica

    Welcome to the forums, you've come the right place for help.

    And please don't wait until you're completely exhausted to ask for help. Support is what you have paid for after all. So let's get your site fixed up.

    I just visited your site and it looks like you have the Membership protection enabled, but the homepage is being protected. So it results in a redirect loop.

    If you have admin access, please first go to Membership > Membership and click the disable link to, well, disable Membership protection. Or deactivate the plugin entirely for now (1st screenshot)

    Then please see if you can access your site content on the front-end again.

    Alternatively, you can grant support access from your WPMU DEV Dashboard on the Support screen (2nd screenshot).

    If you do, please post again and one of us support monkeys will pop into your site to help figure out what's gone wrong.

    Let's work together to get you up and running so you can start having fur again with your project. :slight_smile:

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