Jetpack (by made available on network???


First, sorry for my limited English.

I have just read that the Jetpack plugin (made by has been made available on (owned by WPMUDEV/incsub). This was quite a surprise to me, as this plugin includes several marketing elements related to a direct competitor of your own business (see or It also requires that your users (I mean users of Edublogs) create a account.

(1) Please, would you like to share the reasons why you finally decided to add this product despite the associated annoyances? (2) Are you using a custom version of the plugin that maybe removes some annoying parts? (3) Did you consider using the fork of Jetpack, known as Slim Jetpack?

I'm asking these 3 questions because I'm sure many WPMUDEV users (especially network owners, but not only) face the same dilemma: using Jetpack and take the risk of losing customers or finding... alternatives? But what alternatives?

Slim Jetpack sounds cool, but this plugin is only maintained by a single person. Is it reliable? Will it be maintained in the future?

And that's where comes my last question: (4) Would you (WPMUDEV/incsub) have any interest in helping to develop/maintain the existing fork or maybe creating a custom solution for your own business (Edublogs) and your WPMUDEV customers (us)?. Of course, that would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Any more thoughts welcomed.