Job and Experts pages do not show

I have installed Jobs and Experts on a subsite of my network: and am trying to keep it pretty much focused just on that. You can get to: but if you click the links to either browse jobs or browse experts, those links bring up the homepage not what you would expect. I have a job and an expert in the system, and they display on the landing page and you can view each, and you can go to all the other pages of the plug-in. just need to figure out why the important ones don't work.

Also, the Inbox link recyles back to the landing page, does not show an inbox of any type.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, AlPman!

    You probably just need to re-save your permalinks to get this rolling. Go to Settings > Permalinks, and hit save, then try refreshing your jobs pages and see if they pop up. It's always a good idea to resave permalinks after you add any new plugin that adds pages to your site, they'll frequently trigger 404 errors until the permalinks are resaved.

    Thanks for your question!

  • AIPman1

    yea, tried that earlier, tried it now. gone over everything to make sure I did everything that needs done. yet still shows the homepage not the jobs does the /experts/ page. They are the only 2 URLs that do not work. When editing and saving from the getting started page access to the virtual pages, i saved --etc. I'm stuck with a -2 in the permalink url there cause I tried deleting the original as it says you can to recreate it. there doesnt seem to be a way to go back and liberate the slug...but none of that has any bearing on the actual /jobs/ URL right? Cause that's what the button sets up as the URL. does that need to be changed in the button codes? I would think the shortcode should pick up what the virtual page is since the getting started page does. I dunno. I just want it to work, let me know if anyone wants access, I went ahead and granted it now so if anyone wants to look and see why those 2 pages won't come up...that would be great.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, AlPman1, so sorry for the delay here.

    The -2 you're seeing at the end of some slugs does indicate that you've previously deleted that page, but the record of it still exists in the database. You'll see this same behavior with almost any WordPress plugin that stores pages/information in the database, like BuddyPress, and several others. Even WordPress itself won't remove a user from the database when the user is deleted from the site - to remove some items completely involves deleting tables. Fortunately, these extra tables don't typically get in the way, and they don't hurt anything, so you can leave them alone until they cause trouble.

    Looking at your site now, it seems like you got this working, and your job and expert pages are properly displaying content now.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!