Job Management Plugin with time tracking and summary

Hi there, I've been searching for web for a project management tool and time tracking. There's a lot but none of them fits wordpress as it should.

It's like HyperHour or Odesk or Rescuetime.

For job postings I'm using
it is a theme not a plugin. This allows job postings, featured or regular postings and job packs where you can configure it on the wordpress dashboard. It supports payment gateway.

I'm just wondering if you can develop a plugin that has the following feature. I know there's a lot of people that will use it starting their own homebased business.

- Have featured listing for job and resumes
- Supports paypal and any other payment gateway (but i think paypal is the best to use)
- Employers/Applicants can post jobs for free or at a price set by admin which will be listed in a jobs page.
- Employers/Applicants can post jobs using different job packs set by admin.
- Employers/Applicants can select or type the budget on the job post and can set it as Hourly or Fixed Rate.
- Employers/Applicants can receive notification if any applicants have applied to their job postings.
- Employers/Applicants can post their resume which will be listed on resumes page(something like a wordpress post with a picture on the left and description or summary on the right..
- Employers/Applicants can look and search for jobs listed.
- Employers/Applicants can log timely reports or screenshot for their job as proof that they are working on it << this feature will be for employers securing that the freelancer is really working on their task.
- Allow employer to deposit funds to their account for them to be able to hire. No funds - No hire (can be set by admin) << this feature will be for freelancers security of getting their pay
Integrated with membership plugin -> maybe to allow free postings for this kind of level of membership.
- Applicants can withdraw their funds in the site via paypal deducting (a percentage set by admin) from what they actually work for (something like a percentage cost from their total work)<< feature for admins of site so that they continuously earn revenues. Something like if the project is $200 price (if admin set to get 10% of it $220 will be paid by the employer and applicant/freelancer will get $200 - paypal charges.

I guess this would be the general functionality of the plugin. Not sure if this would be possible but it would be really awesome to have this. :slight_smile: