Jobs and Expert with Real Pages Setup links constantly to virtual pages

We have setup Jobs and experts with real pages but the Links even in the generated pages constantly link back to virtualpages and break the design

links should be: but even the real page exists it shows the virtual page. If we move the real page to the real page shows up but links from records still lk to the virtual page actually than called job (without s) very inconsistent is that! - same problem as with jobs

when you click on links in the generated posts they all link to the virtual but not to the real pages!

Beside that the Naming of the Buttons is inconsitent as it says:

My jobs
My Profile
My Wallet
but only
Inbox instead of My Inbox

All My Buttons should also get hidden when not logged in what is not the case as ONLY the My Jobs and My Experts Button gets hidden when no jobs or no profle had been previously posted which is inconsitant and unlogical for users.

Please send this to the plugin developer that the rework and adjust those problems so that it is working successfully with real pages always even when linked from search or single posts.

I open up another thread for the other design problems of the jobs and expert plugin