jobs and experts, a freelance platform plugin too?


I've been using appointments+ with great pleasure for quite some time now. So, I decided to start my search for a plugin I really need here on wpmudev.
I have built a wordpress site with the wplms theme from vibethemes. I would like to have a freelance platform more/less like odesk/elance on the site.
1)will I be able to add that feature with your jobs and experts plugin: freelance/ standard hirings, messaging, document sharing, some reporting, tracking etc?
2)will your plugin require it's own login or will it work seamlessly with the login status of the site users? I'm using Buddypress on my site...I'm quites sure that user login/signup is taken care of by BuddyPress.
3)will it take on the theme design or offer enough skinning options?
4)is there still a discount on your subscriptions at the moment?

I urgently look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.