Jobs and Experts Feature Requests

First I would like to say that wpmuDEV is the best thing that has happened to me. You Guys and Gals have helped me keep what little hair I have left :>
This is a feature request Thread for Jobs and Experts. While it is a newly released Plugin it needs features that a lot of people have been asking for. The way it is now is great for a free site that wants to add a job board to their site. But like most of us, I would like to open a freelancer Job Site where we would get a percentage
of the jobs done. So this thread will list all my feature requests and any one else that has a feature request please add anything that I didn't cover or think of.
1- Percentage of all sales (monetization)
The Expert would be free and the buyer would be able to pay the expert and a % would go to the Website Owner. Flat fee can be achieved with the membership plugin
2- A system were the buyer and seller can communicate with each other on expectations of the job and direction both ways, with out E-mail text would be on the server like a message board an e-mail would be sent to notify you a new message is waiting for you after you login.
3- A way to mark the job completed by the buyer and then the expert marks it completed then gets paid
4- to go with number 3 the expert will not get paid until the buyer says everything is ok the buyer will have to pay the expert before the job is started but the expert doesn't get it until #3 is done.
thank you for your consideration in my feature requests Please add this to the proper section so the developer can see it.