Jobs and Experts: How to setup the Credits

Hi I hope you are fine

We want to setup the credit system for Jobs and Experts but could not find a good and working tutorial until now.

What are the necessary steps if paypal will be the payment gateway and users should purchase credits which they can use on the jobs and expert system.

As the credit systems are different and not compatible between the wpmudev plugins we also would like to know what would be actually the best way to get the credit system up and running for all plugins.

Or - and this would be another option we have would be membership similar to wpmudev where people by a membership and than can i.e. setup unlimited jobs post items create a website but perhaps would need to pay also for additional features. What would be the best approach.

Our base theme is using paid membership pro

Pro-sites has its own way with a different way on how to setup paypal than pmp

Ideas and a tutorial/walkthrough on how to setup the creditsystem in jobs and experts are very welcome



  • Sajid

    Hello Andi,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I am sorry but as you know it does not have default integration with Membership 2 or direct payment gateway.

    However, before digging into this issue any further, I want to mention that you can integrate it with our MarketPress plugin. MarketPress does have PayPal payment gateway by default that you can use.

    Other option is that you can also use MyCred plugin along with Jobs and Experts plugin. For this purpose the following thread would also help:

    Take care and look forward towards your response :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

  • Andi

    Hi Sajid

    As I try to keep my plugins mostly conform with WPMUDEV plugginsto make support much easier, could you pease find out what plugin you are using at wpmudev to do the hero, reputation points, and levels and the credit points connected with it.

    What we try to do here is actually pretty similar to what WPMUDEV does with their support but we focus on Montessori stuff and not on Wordpress. So people should get points when writing like here in the forum, writing articles which get published, link tutorial videos they have made about Montessori lessons, created a course in courseware or finished a course successfully.

    They should also be able to buy credits with cash (paypal, banktransfer-manually-added)

    The mycred plugin sounds great and flexible and it works also with buddypress which we intend to integrate too incl the forum bbpress. Perhaps that information helps to find the best solution for us.

    My thoughts are actually if keeping it mostly aligned with WPMUDEV stuff your support would be much easier as we would use plugins promoted by wpmudev.

    The benefit of myCred would be perhaps that we could get it working with all the other WPMUDEV plugins too instead of having to run many different incompatible credit systems as all those wpmudev plugins don't have the same system.

    It makes much more sense for users to have only one alternative currency / one kind of credits available for all stuff they do on our site instead of having to do something to get points for job and experts which than can't be used to make an events entry or posting a classifieds, appointment, participate in a course etc.

    What do you think would be best.

    1. Going with marketplress for that purpose and get all stuff running and connected with marketpress
    2. Getting My Credits and connect all stuff with mycredits
    3. Using what WPMUDEV is using on their site - but we would need to know what it is.
    4. using another option - please let us know ideas.



  • Sajid

    Hello Andi,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    First of all let me please make it clear that, the system we are using for points system in support forum and jobs section is not yet available as a standalone plugin. Sorry!

    However, there is a request to release a plugin like this. Here is the link of that thread where you can chime in and post your vote.

    Secondly, the functionality you are looking for does not seem to be achieved with one plugin. You have to customise each plugin/solution listed above according to your requirements.

    Being here, I would suggest you to stick with MarkePress credit system. Define built in rules to give points and if you need more points on other events then you have to make your own custom rules or custom code it which is unfortunately, beyond the level of support we can provide here. Either you need to do it your self or hire a third party developer from jobs board or similar service.

    Take care and have a nice day!

    Best Regards,

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