[Jobs & Experts] Add options for profile skill color and animation

When entering a skills profile, the user can change the color for each of their skills and check a box to enable animation. I can\'t think of a single case where anyone would care about this or where an employer would want to be bombarded with such colors and animation.

Please add a management option (checkbox) for the display of the Enable Animated option in profile entry. (My preference is a default to false = unchecked = do not enable animation option)

Please also add a selector for one of the following options for coloring for the skill bars:
1) Allow user selection (current default)
2) Use single color (requires textbox for entry of #rgb, or color selector)
3) Use red / yellow / green, changing at each 33.3%.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Tony!

    That's an interesting catch :slight_smile: I don't think many people are actually using that feature as well, though I believe that's been implemented quite a long time ago due to some requests from members, most likely.

    I can see the point in your request, though. To be honest, personally I wouldn't want to be "bombarded" with colorful, animated skill tags while I'm looking for a professional assistance rather than somebody who's just good at "showing off" :smiley:

    Anyway, as it's already posted as a feature request, I hope other Members will also vote for it so our developers would consider implementing such "option switch" in future.

    Kind regards,