Jobs & Experts Advanced Search is not working.

Dear Support: We need the advanced search function to work. We activated it bit what we get is the following instead on jobs and expert pages:


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'); var html = $('#job-search-container').html(); content.html(html); return content; } }).on('shown.webui.popover', function () { var pop = $(this).data('plugin_webuiPopover'); var holder = pop.$target; var form = holder.find('form').first(); var element = form.find('input.job-price-range').first(); if (element.hasClass('turn') == false) { element.ionRangeSlider({ min: 0, max: '2095', type: "double", 'prefix': "$", maxPostfix: "+", prettify: false, hasGrid: true, from: price_data.from, to:, gridMargin: 7, onChange: function (obj) { // callback is called on every slider change price_data = { from: obj.from, to: }; form.find('input[name="min_price"]').val(price_data.from); form.find('input[name="max_price"]').val(; } }); element.addClass('turn'); window.slider ="ionRangeSlider"); } else { var from = form.find('input[name="min_price"]').val(); var to = form.find('input[name="max_price"]').val(); if (from.length == 0) { from = price_data.from; } if (to.length == 0) { to =; } window.slider.update({ from: from, to: to }); } }) $('body').on('click', '.cancel_search_form', function () { $('.job-advance-search').webuiPopover('hide'); }); })
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Thank you for any help you can provide.


  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello Bob Reno , hope you're doing well!

    I can't replicate the same on my site. The Advanced Search should show up a popup with the advanced search form. There are a lot of JS errors in the developers' console on the BrowsJobs page, which means that there is a conflict with another plugin.

    Would you please deactivate all the other plugins on your site and check if these lines will go away? If it remains the same, please check for a conflict with a theme, switch to a default WordPress theme.

    If everything is well, activate one plugin at the time, till you find the plugin that is causing it.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Kind regards,

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