Jobs & Experts – authenticate user to post jobs or applications

I need a way to make people authenticate that they are real before we allow them to post. Thought the best way to do that was by asking for a credit card.

I also need to be able to authenticate job hunters who post their credentials as well.

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    Unfortunately, there’s no way to authenticate the users why posting jobs or add experts in the Jobs & Experts plugin out of the box. However, Jobs & Experts require visitors to be logged in as WordPress users to be able to post a job or add an expert. So, the most easiest workaround would be authenticating the users at the registration level. In that case, if you want to authenticate the users based on payment details, you can replace the standard WordPress registration with a Membership plugin and require them to be members of the site free of cost (or a desired single/recurring payment) by submitting payment details.

    For such a scenario, you can try using our Membership 2 Pro plugin, which might be a bit overkill for the setup you are looking for but should serve the purpose just fine. It’ll offer visitors a registration interface which would turn them into members for a free or paid membership type, thus authenticating their payment details with the desired payment gateway. Once they are members i.e. WordPress users, they should be able to post jobs or add experts in the Jobs & Experts plugin.

    Alternatively, you can also try using the RegistrationMagic plugin from the WordPress plugin directory which also offers certain payment gateways during registration (as referred in the plugin description).

    Anything other than that would require custom development which is beyond the scope of our support that we are supposed to provide (please refer to this document for more information). However, if you are interested in a custom development project regarding this, you may try checking out the Pros from our Jobs Board.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance regarding this or have more questions. Thanks!



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