Jobs & Experts Change Tab Colour

Hello Support.

In Jobs and Experts > My Expert Profile > Biography/Skills I want to change the Tabs background color to #fcb012

I was given this code and it was put in the site by them (which we do not permit anyone to do) and had to edit it a little to this:

.upfront-object.default a, .upfront-output-object.default a {
color: #fcb012;
font-family: Open Sans;
font-size: 12px;
font-weight: 400;
font-style: normal;
background-color: #fcb012;
border: 3px solid #fcb012 !important;

.ig-container .nav-tabs>li>a {
margin-right: 0px;
.ig-container .panel-default>.panel-heading, .ig-container .ui-widget-content, .upfront-object.default a, .upfront-output-object.default a {
color: #dd8500;

I do not know if any of this relates to the tabs colors as the WPMUDEV support did not label it. So does anyone know if this at all relates to the Tabs color or can someone please give me the code to enable that. It definitely does not function.

J and E is located under the Super Admin > main site > Sites> http://www.mainsite/Experts and Opportunitiesn (Number 2 on the list).

Please can you add the code to this response and not direct to the website. We will do that and test it accordingly.

Thanks for your help here and am hopeful we will succeed this time.

With gratitude.