Jobs & Experts Customization

I am setting up the J&E plugin and attempting to customize, but cannot find the customization interface. It appears none exists, so I'll need to manually edit the code. If I edit the code of the plugin, any update pushed by WPMUDev would wipe my changes, so this is obviously not a good solution. Any advice would be great.

My goal is to…

-Correct the typo, "Add a Expert" should be "Add an Expert"

-Remove the 'Browse Jobs Browse Experts Post a Job Add an Expert' line as its bottom spacing is broken and it would make more sense as a sidebar anyway.

-Remove avatars from Experts, as that's frowned upon in the US.

-Expand Location to include State, City, and maybe Zip Code.

-Set Biography, Social, and Skill as three different page sections, not concealing several with tabs.

-Remove nearly all of the Social options, as most of them are virtually unused.

-Import profile from LinkedIn. (Is there another WPMUDev plugin for this?)

-Figure out why the "Attach specs" resume attachment feature isn't working.

Should I wait for bugfixes, or disable updates and address all of this manually?

Thank you!