[Jobs & Experts] Expert profile default location

A user is required to enter their location in the expert profile, but that data might already be in the system. This is a request to default that field if it\'s available.

The Location may be defaulted if there is a user meta value which has been entered with another plugin like BuddyPress, or with custom code. For this field I suggest a Settings option to specify a user meta field to use for the default. Since there is no standard for this, no default field name can be offered. Ideally, a function name could be entered, which would be called to retrieve the default value, which might be in a CPT or other table.

The code for this might outweigh the convenience of the feature. For a job someone might want to enter their country rather than a city which might be in their site profile. This is simply a bit of convenient integration.

If a setting isn\'t offered for this, please consider a simple filter hook which can be called if the original location value is null.

  • Tony G

    After some testing and opening a profile in the post editor, I see the Location field is already metadata that's backed by a droplist of countries. Opening one of these items for review, and then updating (after changing bio text, for example) will over-write the location entered by the user with the top item in the country list, Afghanistan.

    That's just another reason to support my request for more options. :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Tony,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    The location field is supposed to be set by whoever fills in expert profile and it's a fairly standard procedure to "pre-populate" it. I do agree that it would be pretty cool and handy to be able to use some other (e.g. BP or even custom) created fields for this so hopefully other Members will also support that idea.

    Having said that, I do also think that "forcing Afghanistan" if user either doesn't make a selection on purpose or simply "overlooks" that (which is a thing that wold probably happen quite often) is a "glitch". I wouldn't consider it a bug but surely it's not good for user experience so I've reported this along with a suggestion for change (if user doesn't specifically select the country, location should either remain empty or something like "everywhere" or an editor should throw a warning forcing user to select it) to the developers.

    Kind regards,

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