Jobs & Experts is posing several issues, described below

I noticed that as an administrator, the section looked ok, but as a user it was formatted like a blog with lots of junk.

I installed the plugin to my test website and man, it worked smooth as can be. I then decided to add the pages feature to the test website, loved it and went back to see if that would fix the problem.

I made pages for the plugin under /professionals/ as I wanted them as sub-pages, but couldn’t see the dynamic page. Each page was named pretty much identical to the titles in the pages menu.

This created a /jobs-experts-2/ page URL for the section, and I then noticed that the pages for adding jobs and experts are both blank. I also noticed that the page for the listings was blank, despite there being a ‘recently added listing’. So I deleted that listing, then went to recreate it, now the listing is gone, still shows as recently added and the creation pages are both blank.

Something went horribly wrong on this website with the plugin, I’m not sure where to go from here.