[Jobs & Experts] Jobs & Experts messaging addon vs Messaging plugin

Messaging plugin and Jobs & Experts messaging add-on, which to choose?

I really prefer how J&E places a neat inbox shortcut on the toolbar, but it does not seem to have the same functionality as Messaging. (Or does it? I could be missing something.)

My question is which is better for multisite? Should I deactivate the addon in lieu of the plugin?

BTW, both of those activated actually breaks J&E completely. As an FYI in case you guys didn’t know.

What are your thoughts on using one over the other? I’d like to hear it. :slight_smile:

My thought is that Messaging gives users a notification (which I can customize) when they receive a message, which encourages users to visit the site. However, I love the ease of access that the J&E addon gives (right from the toolbar). :x I’m so torn!